More About Me

When I’m not photographing beautiful people & beautiful things, I’m either watching Netflix, playing video games with my husband, macramaking for my Etsy, or redecorating. It’s a toss-up on whether I’m a homebody or ready to go on an adventure. There really is no in between.


With over 10 years of experience, numerous features in wedding magazines and blogs, and several award winning photographs, I’ve found my passion in shooting people in their most authentic form in breathtaking places across the country. No destination is too far and no mountaintop is too high.
I’ll be there to capture every precious, romantic, important, life changing moment in your life. Not just as a photographer, but also as an adventure buddy.
I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Photography in 2021 and strive to pursue my passion for photography at an even higher level. I plan to share my photographic education in the form of mentorships and workshops, something I’m so excited to offer.

random facts about me...

Things I love:

Days spend exploring new places, in the woods, at a cute coffee shop or at Disneyland all hold special places in my heart. My hubby & I love going to the movies & playing fortnite together too.

I'm either out adventuring or being a homebody in my P.J's!

I love being outdoors & love visiting National Parks & camping.  Mammoth & Yosemite & the entire Eastern Sierra's hold a very special place in my heart.  

My Dad was always making sure nature & the mountains were part of my life.  He's shared that love with me & I am forever grateful for that! Chances are, if you do an adventurous elopement, you'll meet my Dad!

-Mountains & cities
-Essential oils
-Milk tea & Boba
-Trash reality TV shows (TLC is my jam)
-All things Disney
-Marvel & Star Wars.
-Puff dresses

-National Parks

I'm Tiktok "famous" with over 170k followers!


My love languages are: Words of Affirmation & Quality Time

My enneagram is Type 9: Peacemaker, which basically means I'll bring the calm to your photoshoot no matter the cost!

I've been to 9 different countries & all of the Disney parks in the world!

I've had many different hair colors including, red, purple, pink, blue, black,

blonde, & my natural brunette