More About Me

When I’m not photographing beautiful people & beautiful things, I’m either watching Netflix, playing video games with my husband, macramaking for my Etsy, or redecorating. It’s a toss-up on weather I’m a homebody or ready to go on an adventure. There really is no in between.


It really is my heart to make you feel comfortable & happy during your photoshoots or wedding day, so when I say I’ll be you BFF, I’m not kidding!  Your best interest is my best interest & I want to capture your story as beautifully as I can.  I love befriending my clients on social media because you can connect so well & follow each other’s lives! I made some of my best friends through photoshoots.  So basically Im super lucky & have the coolest friends on earth.

One word that God has given me to define my life is create. Everything I’m deeply passionate about involves creating.  I run an Etsy shop on the side that gives me a creative outlet beyond just staring at a screen all day!  Bohemian essential oil decor is a second passion of mine & it all goes back to God placing that deep love for creating beautiful things on my heart.

I love being outdoors & love visiting National Parks & camping. But I like I said before, also love being cuddled up at homes with a cup of tea.  Even better, I love drinking a cup of tea in one of my many adventure mugs whilst camping!  Mammoth & Yosemite & the entire Eastern Sierra’s hold a very special place in my heart.  My Dad was always making sure nature & the mountains was part of my life.  He’s shared that love with me & I am forever grateful for that!


Things I love

New York

I love: mountains, cities, essential oils, milk tea, BOBA, neutral colors, boho style, folk music, Twilight (still), traveling, noodles, The Office, movies, Disneyland & all things Disney, traveling, dumb reality TV shows about love, Marvel & Star Wars.

Parakeet Cafe

Days spend exploring new places, in the woods, at a cute coffee shop or at Disneyland all hold special places in my heart. My hubby & I love going to the movies & playing fortnite together too. I'm either out adventuring or being a homebody in my P.J's!


I don't love: mushrooms, the actual plane flight to get to the destination, tomatoes, the color purple, butterflies, wearing tight jeans, ...hmm can't think of a whole lot else, I'm easy!

Here are some Frequently Asked Question about planning your photoshoot & the process.  If your question isn't there, feel free to drop me a line through my contact page!




How do I get my photos from you?

I upload your artistically edited photos to an online gallery for your viewing, downloading & printing pleasure!

Do I have to pay extra for prints?

To make it simple, I don't do prints. You can print them wherever you would like though & your online gallery also has an option to order prints. But you don't have to pay anything extra to get your photos! All of that is included with your price.

Do you travel for weddings?

I sure do! It's one of my favorite things to do! Just ask about my special destination wedding prices!

How do I choose a location for our photoshoot?

Easy, I have a location guide of my frequently visited spot in the San Diego area! If you don't like any of those or have somewhere specific in mind, just chat with me about it!