Custom photo books

Why would I want a custom photo book? Having a custom photo book is a nice memoir to own.  You get the opportunity to look back on the memories inscribed in print for years to come.  Your kid’s kids will even cherish it.  Sure an image on your computer is nice to look at, but imagine all of your beautiful photos from your shoot in one place, in an artfully designed photo book.  You want this

They also make great gifts! Photo books are also make great gifts whether it’s a wedding gift from a groom to his bride, or a new father to a new mother on mother’s, a mother to a father on father’s day, a daughter to her mother from a family photo shoot.  Wouldn’t you love to receive the gift of timeless memories brought to life?  Here are some photo book ideas…

*Wedding Day Guest Book (for guests to sign)

*Wedding (for husband & wife, mother & father of newlyweds)

*Engagement (for bride to groom or groom to bride on wedding day)    

*Boudoir (for hubby on wedding day)    

*Family (for the father of mother of your kids, or for kids to parent)

*Portrait (for remembering just how beautiful you are)    

*Senior (to look back at that exciting point in your child or your life)

Photo book options

Hardcover $40

8x10 landscape * 20 pages

Softcover $30

8x10 landscape * 20 pages 

Mini photo book $25

5.5 x 5.5 * 40 pages *softcover